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“It is not the time you put in, it is what you put into the time.”

Everyone in the entire program will represent California Elite Soccer Club and themselves in a first-class manner.

Attention Boys and Girls seeking high level coaching:

CESC will be conducting a individual Team TRYOUTS and Evaluation OPPORTUNITIES on Tuesday, 6-25-19 and Thursday, 6-27-19 for All DEDICATED PLAYERS searching for QUALITY DEVELOPMENTAL TRAINING within a structured, fun filled environment. If your player is interested in achieving high level ball skills, tactical knowledge, and the ability to play creative within a successful learning system, then CESC is a great environment for you! We are dedicated to providing advanced training methodologies focused on building character, unity, and success for the “Whole Player”. CESC enables a platform for growth, both on and off the field of play, with an unparalleled system of DEVELOPMENT!

WHEN:   Tuesday, 6-25-19 and Thursday, 6-27-19.

WHO     All Boys and Girls ages born in 2011 through 2002.

  •          Tryouts/Evaluations for all boys and girls born 2011 through 2005 begin at 5:00 p.m. and     conclude at 7:00 p.m
  •          Tryouts/Evaluations for all boys and girls born 2004 through 2000 begin at 6:30 p.m. and conclude at 8:30 p.m

WHERE:  Antelope Valley College (3041 west avenue K), on the Grass Fields behind the stadium (on avenue K, located 1/4 mile west of 30th street west). 

All players trying out should bring a soccer ball, cleats, shin guards, and a water bottle to the tryout session. Non CESC Parents will need to be present to sign a waiver.

Interested families/players can pre-register on our website ( under the tryout link, or are welcome to show up early to practice and register.

*Note: For your convenience, we have posted a wealth of information regarding CESC, competitive soccer, and various considerations on our contact page.

For additional information, please contact CESC Director, Coach Gordon at 661-618-8646. We appreciate consideration and interest in the Antelope Valley’s ELITE Soccer Program.

CESC…Developing the ELITE Touch!


 California Elite Soccer Teams play year round. However, the year is divided into two periods.

  • Tournament: Spring + Summer Development
  • Fall: League Season
Whether you are starting your players in club soccer for the first time, or have just moved to a new area, choosing the right soccer club for your kids is important. All coaches are not the same, and all programs are not created equal. It will be worth your time to do some research before choosing a program for your player(s).

  1. Soccer Players. Check with the players and parents who have been in the a program in previous years. Did they learn? Did they have opportunity? Did they enjoy it? What do they have to say about the coaching staff?
  2. Coaching ratio. It is important for players at the youth age to get the specialized attention they need to help them develop.  Ask about the ratio of players to coaches when checking out soccer clubs.
  3. Experienced coaches. Find out how long the coaches have been coaching youth soccer, and what are their credentials? The coaches are key to the program. An inexperienced coach could mean a year of chaos for your kids.
  4. Lesson plans. Ask how the training program for players is set up. Is the structure for younger players different than the experienced players? It should be. Understanding the structure of the program is key to understanding how your player(s) will be taught.
  5. Weekly sessions. Find out how many weekly sessions there are for the different levels. Introductory teams should be start with two per week, while those practice sessions should increase with the higher skill levels.
  6. Attend the practices. If you really want to know whether you’ve made the right decision for your player(s), you need to attend the practices. That is where you will see the interaction between the coach and the players. You’ll see how they are being taught and how the players are being treated. You won’t be dependent on your kids to relay this information.
Still searching for the right soccer club for you and your family? Interested in a Tryout?

Consider joining the Antelope Valleys Elite Soccer Club for the upcoming season. Our belief in quality training, with commitment to progress, reflects our value in the development of the whole-player.

We look forward to meeting you!

[FYI — We are currently looking to develop teams for all age brackets 2011-2000]

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