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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are starting your players in club soccer for the first time, or have just moved to a new area, choosing the right soccer club for your kids is important. All coaches are not the same, and all programs are not created equal. It will be worth your time to do some research before choosing a program for your player(s).

  1.  Soccer kids. Check with the players and parents who have been in the a program in previous years. Did they learn? Did they have opportunity? Did they enjoy it? What do they have to say about the coaching staff?
  2. Coaching ratio. It is important for players at the youth age to get the specialized attention they need to help them develop.  Ask about the ratio of players to coaches when checking out soccer clubs.
  3. Experienced coaches. Find out how long the coaches have been coaching youth soccer, and what are their credentials? The coaches are key to the program. An inexperienced coach could mean a year of chaos for your kids.
  4. Lesson plans. Ask how the training program for players is set up. Is the structure for younger players different than the experienced players? It should be. Understanding the structure of the program is key to understanding how your player(s) will be taught.
  5. Weekly sessions. Find out how many weekly sessions there are for the different levels. Introductory teams should be start with two per week, while those practice sessions should increase with the higher skill levels.
  6. Attend the practices. If you really want to know whether you’ve made the right decision for your player(s), you need to attend the practices. That is where you will see the interaction between the coach and the players. You’ll see how they are being taught and how the players are being treated. You won’t be dependent on your kids to relay this information.
2013 Scorecard
Yes. Our coaching staff is comprised of licensed coaches, with an extensive soccer background, who posses risk management clearance.
Our club costs are typically on par with and often less expensive than all other clubs in the Antelope Valley and sometimes as much as three times cheaper than many clubs surrounding the Antelope Valley. We put more of our budget on the field!

2013 Scorecard

2013 Scorecard

First and foremost should be value. Is the group focused on development or wins? Development comes first! When valuing, make sure you are comparing “apples to apples”. What is the bottom line cost for a year of play.

  1. Who will be developing your player(s)?
  2. What is the experience (background) of the coach/trainer responsible for development?
  3. Is there consistency in structure and organization within the club?
  4. Does the club have a structured plan for development based on what is developmentally appropriate?
  5. What is the cost of an entire year and what does it include?
  6. Does registration include the registering club fees, gaming circuit fees, team registration and player registration fees, team bond fees, as well as the club fees (i.e. uniform and its quality, practice gear, referee fees, field cost etc.)
  7. Will a club/team trainer be included in the club tuition?
  8. Is the team going to hire a trainer and if so, what is the additional cost?
  9. Does the club offer fundraisers? Are they mandatory?
  10. Does the club/team offer scholarships for players in need?
  11. Is the cost of the team consistent with club structure or does each team determine its own cost?
  12. Where will the club/team play their home games?
  13. Where will the club/team practice?
  14. Is there a difference in the cost of travel for practices, games, tournaments, etc?
  15. How many tournaments does the team participate in per year? Does this include League Cup, Cal Cup, and State or National Cup?
  16. Does the club offer individual development?
  17. How many players typically attend practices?
  18. Are players being developed for the “Next Level”?
  19. What has the pattern of success (development, opportunity, etc) been for past and present players with the club?
  20. Has the experience for past and present players been valuable and enjoyable?
Yes. We have a stellar club builder program and sponsorship program which help cover a great deal of cost.
It is very likely. Our club continues to feed players to numerous High Schools and Colleges at various levels.
Absolutely NOT! Run the other way if one does.
Absolutely NOT. Run the other way if one does.
Yes. Our coaching staff is comprised of licensed coaches, with an extensive soccer background, who posses risk management clearance.
We are a year-round program. For younger than High School aged players, our annual cycle is March 1 of the current year through the end of February of the following year. For High School aged players, our annual cycle is March 1 of the current year through the last Coast Soccer League game in November of the same year. Players will then break for High School play, returning for tryouts at the end of February of the following year.
Yes. We have a grey period during the end of June and beginning of July, as-well-as a grey period during the month of December through New Years.
No. We typically do not play on any Holidays.
We typically practice twice a week with the non-High School aged players and three times a week for higher level teams of the High School age.
Our teams typically play four tournaments during the spring/summer tournament season, plus League Cup and State or National Cup. Total tournaments…6
Our teams typically average 35+ games per year.
Our practices and homes games are played at the prestigious National Lancaster Soccer Complex.This is a 35 field complex, served by a professional maintenance and event staff, exclusively for soccer. Note: our home games are at the same complex which we practice at. You can get directions from your location by clicking the “Directions” link above.
California Elite Soccer Club players are registered with the California Youth Soccer Organization. Club teams team from this organization have won more than triple the National Championships than the next nearest state. Much of the Men’s and Women’s U.S. National Teams are comprised of players from this pool.
CESC teams compete in Coast Soccer League, one of the largest and most competitive gaming circuits in the Nation. In the 2012 season, CSL had over 2200 teams, over 180 clubs and more than 35,000 players who participated in over 15,500 games played on 500 fields.
Yes. CESC is comprised of numerous volunteers. We need your support and appreciate your contributions. Please feel free to communicate with us a desire to help with your team and/or with the entire club.

Note: CESC takes great pride in the quality of our adult leadership. Being a volunteer with CESC is a privilege, not a right. The quality of the program and the safety of our youth members calls for high-quality adult leaders.
CESC screens adult volunteers through Risk Management. Adult applications request background information and will be checked by the league before accepting an applicant for leadership. While no current screening techniques exist that can identify every potential child abuser, screening can reduce the risk by increasing what we know about an applicant for a leadership position.

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